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How to get your own AppID, TrackingID and CustomID for plugin settings?

There are three parameters: AppID, Tracking ID and Custom ID (optional parameter).

1) The AppID is the main parameter. You will get it after registering on

Please note, the eBay team will be reviewing your account information. Access to your new account will be pending approval, which takes at least one business day.

2) The Tracking ID specifies an ID to identify you to your tracking partner. The value you specify is obtained from your tracking partner. If you are in the eBay Partner Network, the Tracking ID is the Campaign ID ("campid") provided by the eBay Partner Network. A Campaign ID is a 10-digit, unique number. A Campaign ID is valid across all programs to which you have been accepted.

So just register here: and your Tracking ID (Campaign ID)

3). The Custom ID is an optional parameter. You can define an affiliate custom Id if you want an ID to monitor your marketing efforts. So you can just skip this field and keep it empty.


Last Updated: 05/01/2020 01:18

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